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Traumatic Brain Injury Video Supported by DHHS Wins National Recognition

Dec. 20, 2019 – A North Carolina agency that developed a traumatic brain injury crisis management and de-escalation training video for first responders recently won national recognition for the project, which was funded by DHHS through a grant from the federal Administration for Community Living.

The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina received recognition from the Brain Injury Association of America for the video, developed by Lauren Costello, a training and education coordinator for the state association. Her work was underwritten by an ACL grant provided by the Traumatic Brain Injury Program, part of DHHS’ Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Services.

A congratulatory letter from the national association’s president, Susan H. Connors, stated: “There is no doubt that the video will help first responders to help individuals with disability when they are in crisis and will lead to better awareness and understanding of brain injury.”

The video of Crisis Management after TBI seeks to equip law enforcement and first responders with the tools to promote positive interactions with individuals living with brain injury. Learning about brain injury through personal experiences and graphics, viewers get a sense of what it means to live with a brain injury and learn strategies to enhance de-escalation tactics when a crisis occurs.

The video, narrated by a trainer of law enforcement for many years, also includes a real-life scenario breaking down things to strive for and avoid for first responders.

The award was announced at the 2019 BIAA Affiliate Leadership Conference in late November. North Carolina’s TBI Program allocated $140,000 in grant funds to the state association to develop infrastructure and continuum of care for individuals with traumatic brain injury throughout North Carolina. An estimated 208,000 people in North Carolina are living with TBI.

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