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Amara Wellness is pleased to announce outpatient services that are offered using the principles and philosophies of recovery.



Our commitment is to serve others focusing on providing “whole person’ care. By entering into partnership with our participants, we are able to offer mental and behavioral healthcare services that are person-driven and supports each individual as they embark on a journey toward healing and resolution. Our purpose is to provide therapeutic support to persons whether insured or uninsured who are faced with challenging life stressors and circumstances. We provide a holistic approach that encompasses the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of a person. This is done by assisting in fostering a sense of mastery over the person’s life by working on life goals, addressing barriers, and providing guidance throughout the therapeutic process. In addition to outpatient services, Amara Wellness offers medication management and education , that emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to addressing mental health issues. This is accomplished by educating our participants about the role medication plays in their care.

Mental health councelling session


Our Mission

We will grow in areas of service where there is an expressed need. We will seek out the underserved and pursue opportunities to provide them with quality support.


We will promote independence and interdependence for individuals to have successful experiences in their community every day. We will promote participation in one’s own recovery through education and examples.

Our Vision

To empower individuals with severe mental illness & 

developmental disabilities so they can drive their own 

recovery to achieve their individual goals, increase self-sufficiency, and live successfully within their community.


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AWS is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as a Behavioral Health agency based in Mecklenburg County. We are one of the leading providers for serving people living 150% below the national poverty level. Our organization provides community based behavioral health and habilitative services to the residents of Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Cabarrus Counties. The focus has been to provide services to consenting adults who experience symptoms of serious mental illness, has intellectual developmental disability, and/or chronic substance use issues. To date, over 20,000 residents have been served from the State of North Carolina.We are one of the few behavioral health agencies within Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Cabarrus counties with a state contract to serve the uninsured. We operate a walk-in medication management clinic and are capable of triaging residents with high risk and complex needs. Since 2012, AWS has been active in both Mental and Drug Treatment Courts, the Mecklenburg Crisis Collaborative, the Mecklenburg County Substance Use Disorder Task Force, and a host of other collaborations.

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