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  • Our company is built on a solid foundation of integrity in all clinical and business practices.

  •  Our company is guided by a team process, which builds on the strengths and gifts of each team member while expecting a high level of commitment to our purpose.

  • Our company provides an environment, which is spiritually enriched leaving room for each individual to define their own higher power but recognizing that the work we do is ultimately spiritually guided.

  • Our company fosters a culture of person-centeredness with customers and employees, recognizing every individual’s right to make choices and honoring the diversity of all people.

  • Our company is committed to continuous improvement in clinical and business practices. We will expect change and failure as a part of growing as an organization that thinks “outside the box”. Every experience including failure is an opportunity for growth and learning to take place.

  • Our company will grow based on the needs of those we serve and the community at large.

Holding Hands


AWS is a 501c3 organization which will grow in areas of service where there's an expressed need.

  • We will seek out the underserved and pursue opportunities to provide them with quality support.

  • We will promote interdependence for individuals to have meaningful daily experiences through participation in one’s own recovery.

  • We will continue to provide exceptional services to the participants we serve. This includes creating a community of collaborative partners, maximizing the use of resources, and creating a safe environment that encourages personal growth and resilience.

AWS will engage donors, community partners, volunteers, and our board members in our philanthropic goals. We will strive to raise funds to always have resources available so that no one is ever turned away.


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