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Psychiatric Medication Management

  • Initial psychiatric evaluations

  • Follow up appointments

  • Telehealth appointments

Crisis Walk In Clinic

  • Same day comprehensive clinical assessments

  • Same day initial psychiatric evaluations

Community Support Team

  • CST provides a rehabilitation intensive, short-term community-based service to adults living with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Peer Support/Peer Bridger Services

  • Peer Support provides structured and scheduled community-based activities for adults 18 and over with a diagnosis of serious mental illness and/or a substance use disorder. Peer Bridger is an evidence-based intervention aimed at improving outpatient service engagement and reduce re-hospitalization rates after discharge from psychiatric hospitals.

Outpatient Services

  • Comprehensive clinical assessments

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Telehealth appointments

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

  • Is a facility-based treatment program designed to address social deficiencies, employment readiness, and psychoeducation.

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